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Director, Scott Goold

Scott Goold
Scott began working basketball camps with the legendary John Wooden and carries on the spirit of Coach in all his activities.

He also learned from Jerry West; coaches at the University of Utah, Brigham Young and Idaho State universities; and numerous other camp settings. He has been active teaching camp management for traditional and special needs athletic programs for over 15 years.

Scott was born in Mississippi but his family moved around a great deal as he grew up ... his father was a successful basketball coach. He is currently based in Kaua'i, Hawai'i and spends a great deal of time in New Mexico. His wife, AnnMarie, is a native of Albuquerque.

Scott played college basketball at Idaho State and was fortunate to extend his career into the professional ranks with teams in Latin America, Europe, the CBA and NBA development camps.

Scott also emphasizes off-court aspects of athletic performance. These include character development, community service, nutrition guidance and sport strength training.

Scott advised the Chinese Women's Volleyball team between 1994-96. The team earned a Silver medal in the '96 Atlanta Summer Olympics.

Director, Leesa Liskey

Leesa Liskey
Leesa began working with the older players but says she found her calling when Scott asked her to develop the administrative structure for younger athletes (14 and under). She loves interacting with the kids and watching them work so hard to improve.

She focuses on group organization; registration efficiency; accurate medical and special need history; security and safety; and setting up skill stations for fundamental training in shooting, dribbling techniques, rebound positioning and defensive skills.

Leesa graduated from Southridge HS in Oregon. She is active in theatre and a member of the international Thespian Society. She enjoys ice hockey and has been playing for nine years.

Leesa is currently attending Portland State University. She's worked with HoopCamp.net for over five years and loves consulting for many reasons: the environment is simply amazing. Teaching others how to develop winning and successful basketball camps is such a positive experience.

Leesa wants everyone to succeed. The HoopCamp.net system is not about one person but about the whole.

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